You make me manic

So manic that I panic

And my mind races like Sanic

Into a twister twisting colors coloring my emotions

While I toss my toys up and cause commotions

Cuz I’m a kid

Especially next to you

I hope I don’t blow my lid

And spill everything that is true

To me and what’s inside my spleen–

Heart I mean.

Call me Velveeta cuz I’m cheesy


Short like Sneezy

Make me dizzy

Like why’s champagne so fizzy?

Well, carbonation is carbon dioxide and carbonic acid in a liquid

Which makes my love that’s stuck in this sick kid

The chemicals that bubble to the surface before they’re devoured by you.

So please

Let the chemicals go down with ease

And don’t spit them out

Cuz love has keys

To new worlds, which is what I’m all about.

We all have a route

We pave it as we go,

Brick and mortar walls on the sides for show.

Every once in a while my route dives into a valley,

A depression, if you will (that’s honesty, start a tally)

Which is the opposite of my mania

So pay attention to the attention I’m payin ya

Cuz in this manic state

At the peak of a mountain

I can change fate

And blossom a fountain

Not of youth, but of beauty

Cuz they’re not the same

I can tell age doesn’t control this cutie

And I, a lame,

Realized she– you will age with grace

With the way laughter changes your face

From beautiful, to stunning, to motherfucking gorgeous.

So now that my mania fades,

And the depressions will continue their raids,

I realize that I don’t need to dream anymore,

Cuz you’ve already made my dreams into a reality– so let’s soar.